1. This peach and neon peplum top from Anthropologie is major. I predict you will see it on multiple fashion blogs. 
  2. I love mailing hand written notes. Now that we bought a house, I would love a Virginia shaped return stamp.
  3. You can marble your nails, but you can also DIY marble paper. Make your desk and paperwork enjoyable with this DIY.
  4. You guys. Melon is one of my healthy hostess favorites. It's so colorful, chic and is a great and stable platform for food. Example: feta mint bites on watermelon.

Other favorite links not pictured...

  • Want to forage in your city? There's an app for that. 
  • I detest American Idol. Just die already. But The Voice is another story. It totally sucks me in. The talent is amazing and the judges have great chemistry. My favorite contestant is Michael Jackson's duet parter Judith Hill. Listen to her huge Whitney Houston voice. 
  • Just another reason to garden (uh besides food right outside your door): Gardeners have a lower BMI than the rest of us.
  • Elizabeth from Don't White Sugar Coat it is giving away a month subscription to Bestowed healthy snack delivery. Think Birchbox but with food. Go enter!

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