I'm not one of those girls who just needs chocolate. I don't get those cravings. For me there are days when I just need peanut butter or some good cheese. I may be having coffee with you and just say 'Ugh. I could really go for some gouda right now'. Savory is my thing yo. And yet when this package arrived on my doorstep from Enjoy Life foods, I found myself actually going into the kitchen for part of my snack specifically to get these tiny chocolate morsels. Enjoy Life foods was introduced to me at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore. They carry a variety of products that are free of the most common allergens including soy, nuts and wheat. Their snack chips made from lentils (Plentils) are out of this world as a treat. The company sent me the Double Chocolate Crunch Nut and Gluten Free Granola as well as their Semi Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks.

The granola was full of cocoa flavor instead of the typical over-sugared chocolate that most granolas hold. It was super crunchy and the perfect mix in to my morning Chobani and banana. This could make an awesome on the go snack: Take a banana and skewer it. Roll it in yogurt and then coat it with this cocoa granola. Freeze it and you have a really great snack option to go! And thankfully for those of you who have Celiac disease, Enjoy Life tests their products down to 10 parts per million to MAKE SURE they are gluten free.

These semi-sweet chips are the best baking chocolate I've had in years. To me (and my husband tells me I sound like a European when I say this), most American chocolate is chalky. I am never even tempted to eat a chocolate chip when I'm baking because I just don't find it appealing. These chips however, are really good. They're not overly sweet, there's no weird powdery coating. They melt perfectly. I'm totally sold on these for using chocolate in general.

Do you have a favorite baking chocolate? What about allergy free chocolate?

Disclaimer: Enjoy Life sent me these products free of charge. This review is 100% gluten free and my opinion. I was not compensated for writing this post.