Food allergies are so scary. I've been blessed to be food allergy free, but I know many of my clients deal with the fear of contamination and cross-contamination every day. A few years ago it seemed like most people had peanut allergies, but today we are finding many children with harder to avoid allergies including soy, eggs and wheat. One brand I find myself coming back to for recommendations for people dealing with the 8 most common allergies is Enjoy Life Foods. Their products are made in a dedicated allergen free factory and their products taste ah-mazing. Seriously. They make the best chocolate chips I've ever had. 

Enjoy Life Foods sent me a case of their latest product: decadent bars that come in flavors like:

  • Chocolate Sunbutter
  • Cherry Cobbler
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • S'mores



These bars are beyond delicious for a allergen free dessert. In fact, the shot in this post was composed with the very last bars of the package because we wanted to snack on them after dinner! They have great taste and texture: moist (ugh hate that word but it fits) but not sticky. The flavors are well rounded although I found myself preferring the Cherry Cobbler and Chocolate Sunbutter the most. The bars carry no artificial after taste like some dessert bars. 

This is a definite buy in my book if you need a safe allergen free dessert or snack. These are in no way health bars. Allergen free does not make them healthy. But at about 150 calories a bar this is a worry free, great tasting dessert for people with allergies.


Disclosure: Enjoy Life sent me product to try but I am not compensating for this post.


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