There are tons of snack chips on the market, but not many that are allergen free. Plentils, a lentil chip from Enjoy Life, is free of the top 8 common allergens but highly addictive with a variety of flavors and crunch. Here are some highlights from what I thought about Plentils:

  • They have 40% less fat than a potato chip...but that doesn't make them a health food. There are still 3 grams of fat per serving. Just remember to stop munching after one serving.
  • There are 3 grams of protein from the lentil base. This will help balance out your snack (carb + protein or carb + healthy fat will keep your blood sugar from spiking and keep you full longer).
  • The chips have an excellent crunch! They are similar to a sheet of puffed rice in texture, but without the individual kernels.
  • The flavors are crazy good. The pizza one I refuse to share with anyone because it is mine.
  • If you need to bring a snack to a party where there are children or friends with allergies, bring these chips.

Have you had Plentils?

Disclaimer: Enjoy Life sent several favors of Plentils to me free of charge. They did not compensate me for writing this post. Views are my own.