Carlene Thomas

Four Favorites: Gold

Carlene Thomas

When one is having an especially lackluster day, gold and or sparkles can provide a healthy dose of awesome. This week's four favorites are all about gold in places that sometimes...well, are not fun at all. 


1. Get your run on with the sexiest shoes ever. These gold Nikes almost make me want to become a runner. Almost. 

2. Wake up with a classic alarm clock. It adds major flair to your bedside table, but doesn't clutter it with something not functional.  

3. I like to think of this Leif shop ring as a cocktail ring with attitude. I can see this with a black dress and metallic capped heels. 

4. Okay, this image is actually for adorable initial necklaces, but I love the brilliant idea it was pinned under. Take those colorful letter magnets for the fridge and spray them gold!!!  This may need to happen in my office.



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