New Places and Spaces: #CCMStreetDC Office

Last week I told you all about one of my exciting pieces of news: my Georgetown shared office! The reason this really deserves its own post is because of the people inside. The Creative Collective started by Meg Biram is astounding. Everyone is a business person and full time, they run their own companies. From event planning to wedding dress rentals, to graphic design and everything in between, I can't tell you all how honored I am to be among these business people. 

More than anything I really want to empress upon others how important it is to surround yourself with amazing people and take time to connect. It's so nice to bounce ideas off of each other and be inspired. And sometimes what's most helpful is an outside eye to your business. Something that has been consuming your brain for weeks is easily clarified or put in perspective by sharing your thoughts with others who 'get it'. 

So DC, here I am! Instead of being holed up in a Starbucks all day trying to cram in five meetings and having really awesome companies ask me if I'm in DC for deliveries or meet ups and having to say 'no' I'm here at Creative Collective with really, really great entrepreneurs. And I couldn't be more thrilled. 

Note: You can also see some great shots from the launch party on Glitter Guide!  Image via the Creative Collective website. 

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