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Brides diet. So does the wedding party. Actually, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, we're looking at about 80% of brides and 50% of the wedding party. Wedding weight loss is nothing new and it's definitely not going away. You guys know my stance on the entire scenario (or if you don't--> 90 pages of it for you right here): what I believe in. What works with my clients. What definitely doesn't. But a lot of people don't know, and it leads to really dangerous dieting techniques. That's why I'm really, really excited to share with you all this wedding diet interview I did with CNN (below). If you have less than two minutes, I start appearing at about the 1:25 marker!

I also wanted to give a big thank you to my friend Claire Ashley who just happens to be one of the best hair/makeup artists around (and on YouTube!). Can we talk about the amazing cheek bone highlighter? Shazam!

Such a great experience for my first time doing a tv based interview/project! 

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