Food Network Feature: Creative Ice 'Cubes'

I never gave much thought to ice for beverages until we met our friend Ross who is a cocktail God. Over the course of our first few drinks at Ross's bar, we saw pebbled ice. We saw hand carved spheres and blocks. We saw medium cubes, small cubes. He was paying a lot of attention ice and it gave us pause. The job of ice is to cool something, but there are different kinds of ice.

For this latest Food Network project, we were tasked with thinking of ways to create different shapes of ice beyond cubes. We thought about what could serve as ice as well as what could be contained within ice (flower petals, cherries). And we thought a lot about the shape. Probably my personal favorite concept of this gallery is using number shaped balloons to create large ice shapes for a cooler. Perfect for a birthday or something like Cinco de Mayo or the 4th of July.

As we are in the middle of summer, it only seems appropriate! Check out our latest Food Network project here

Food Network Creative Ice Cubes

Food Network Feature: Creative Ice 'Cubes' petal ice cubes, flowers
Food Network Feature: Creative Ice 'Cubes', cherry stems
Food Network Feature: Creative Ice 'Cubes' , watermelon ice
Food Network Feature: Creative Ice 'Cubes' , balloon number ice

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